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Dual Cattleya

redHibiscusVidpsw.jpg (18877 bytes)
1365crpw.jpg (32642 bytes)
Yellow Flower
1369ps3w.jpg (27232 bytes)
Yellow Flower Bunch
print8w.jpg (23561 bytes)

vctgf1.jpg (73157 bytes)
Yellow Hibiscus, captured from Hi-8 video tape. (vctgf1)

tgf2004.jpg (30067 bytes)
Red and purple flowers 2. Taken in Manoa valley. (tgf2004)

tgf2000.jpg (29460 bytes)
White flowers. (tgf2000)

tgf2006d.jpg (31198 bytes)
Red flowers. This was the May 2000 featured image. (tgf2006d)

tgf2001.jpg (59865 bytes)
Red and purple flowers. (tgf2001)

This Image is the base  for the Sept, Oct feature Image. How it was created is shown on the photo retouching page.

pr2003.jpg (12290 bytes)

tgf2002.jpg (72612 bytes)
Tall Red flowers. Taken in Manoa valley.

576crp.jpg (141697 bytes)

Rose At 28 (tgf576)

DSC00185.JPG (2371918 bytes)

Water lilly (tgf185)

tgfclean595.jpg (21137 bytes)

Rose at 28.5 (tgf595)

DSC01164psw.jpg (31615 bytes)

A Bed Of Roses




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