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Web Changes

This is where the most recent changes and/or additions to the web site will be announced. If you've visited before and want to know what's changed start here. If this is your first visit the history of SKYPEOPLEUSA.COM is outlined here.


September 2009

1. New Server

2. Primary Operating system OSX 10.4

3. Web page editor Dreamweaver (Lots of clean up caused by the change from front page is underway)

4. Sister site skypeople.us (under construction)

5. Site Mission being redefined


March 2005

March 4, 2005

A new section under photography “Reflections” Located HERE also some new images added in the  photography sections.

The appeareance of skypeopleusa web site is being revised. The reformatting begins in the Photography section. Let me know what you think.


Feb 2005


I have been forced to remove the guest book due to online pharmacy's leaving messages. The e-mail address shown on this site have been revised by adding the phrase NOSPAM before and after the @ sign This change has been forced on me by Pharmacy (Viagra) spammers. Hopefully this will prevent robots from harvesting my e-mail address. To contact me by E-Mail just delete the words NOSPAM from both sides of the @ sign.


Early 2004

A move to some new software Final cut HD and photoshop CS both running on the Apple platform hmm ! funny thing my apple g5 just keeps running while my PC’s have been down at least twice since I got my dual G5



The question is not IF ?, it's WHEN ?



June 2001


Featured camera flyer, skyeXtreem on line magazine, see the articles and photos on these 3 pages (Front Page),(Featured camera flyer page), (Gallery page) .


Translation to Japanese added to all pages and European  language translation to primary site entry page's .



February 2001

2-01-2001 Site closed in observance of POW/MIA day







November 2000

11-5-2000 New Gallery added for Bryce images Still learning the program but way cool 3D stuff.







October  2000

10-27-2000  New page added Java Resources.

10-8-2000     New images (Spheres) added to Digital Imaging page.

10-7-2000   Award for excellence received from Maren at Fashion Avenue

10-1-2000   Skypeopleusa becomes a dot com new address www.skypeopleusa.com


September  2000

9-16-2000 New page Live cams added.

9-11-2000 Aloha award for Excellent Site received from hawaiicity.com. 

9-10-2000 New Page added AWARDS

9-9-2000   Award for Photography received from ODONATA. 

9-9-2000   Award for Excellence received from ODONATA.
Click on the logo to view their site.

9-8-2000   Award of excellence received from Wufman. 

9-5-2000    Award of excellence for web site design, received from Fort Huachuca Arizona Army Community Service web site.

9-1-2000     New page added Video clips







August 2000

July 2000

February 2000

August 24, 2000: New page added Ripple Applets, Staring guess Who ? You will have to visit the page to see.

July 20, 2000 New page "Lake Applet" added. Really cool Java applet's. Special thanks to David Griffiths  for the applet and tutorial.


Web presence established  Skypeopleusa announces its web site , created at Netscape using Netscape's "Site Maker", webmaster,  Mike Salmons.


New Web site opens at Geo Cities. Created with Front page 2000, Web master Mike Salmons. The new site features improved navigation, site structure, additional pages and faster access than the original site.


August 1, 2000: Skypeopleusa moved to atfreeweb due to false claims by Geo Cities of front page compatibility.


New images have been added to the following pages: Advertising, Trees and grass, Free Fly, Tandem, Video Capture, Flowers, Digital Imaging and Image Insertion. A new page titled Photo retouching has been added.



Copyright Sept. 2009 Skypeople Productions Ltd.


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