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rwme23.jpg (33268 bytes)
23 way weed whacker, I'm in it so it's not my picture. Photo by Jim Woods.

Click image for enlargement.

rwme12way.jpg (28258 bytes)
12 oops 11 way. I'm in it so it's not my picture. Photo by Paul Warrington.

rw2007d.jpg (16910 bytes)
21 way weed whacker over Dillingham. (rw2007d)

rw2007b.jpg (23927 bytes)
Scott, Ron, Jill, Cat and Noah 5 way sequential.(rw2007b)

rw2001.jpg (23178 bytes) 
Bobby Sammis sits in on a 12 way. (rw2001)

rw2002.jpg (28254 bytes) 
Dillingham 12 way sequential. (rw2002)

rw1999.jpg (38798 bytes)
Freddy and Patrick very rare. (rw1999)

rw2007c.jpg (26512 bytes)
Clint Sitting in on a 16 way RW load. (rw2007c)

rw1999a.jpg (26428 bytes)
Dillingham 10 way, we did  not break the cloud clearance rules. (RW1999a)

rw2000.jpg (24526 bytes)
20 way over Dillingham everybody working together. (rw2000)

rw2007a.jpg (15396 bytes)
Paul swoops a 19 way.(rw2007a)


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