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Lake applet version.

sunsetoct.jpg (19965 bytes)
Sunset October. This was used for a lake applet see it

ss2007a.jpg (16627 bytes)
Ala Moana Beach Park, one of my favorite places. I took this in January after returning from a snow storm in Kansas. (ss2007a)

ss2007b.jpg (14248 bytes)
Typical Hawaiian sunset. We get these almost every day. (ss2007b)

ss20080d.jpg (16806 bytes)
Sunset North Shore Shore 80s. This was the March 2000 featured Image. (ss20080d)

ss2009.jpg (12249 bytes)
(ss2009) celebration of life4-30-03 (The move to Digital Begins)

68crpprint.jpg (209290 bytes)
Waianae 2003 Graduation (ss2003grad)



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